Thank you for trying Serial Key Maker!

There are a number of simple steps to follow to implement Serial Key Maker.

Step 1 - Creating the Serial Number(s).

Decide on a Private Key.

This key will be used to uniquely encode your Serial Key. This private key should be kept secure. Use Serial Key Maker to generate the serial key based on your Private Key.

Private Key

Select the key properties and click "Generate Key"

Generate Serial Key

You now have a key in the format "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX"

Step 2 - Enabling your application to use Serial Key Maker

You need to first reference the Serial Key API DLL's in your application.

If you are unsure where the DLLS are located on your hard drive, open your start menu and navigate to the samples folder.

Serial Key Maker Samples Folder menu

Once opened there is a binaries subfolder that contains the API DLL ("PG_SerialKeyMaker_API.dll")
NOTE: Make sure the reference to PG_SerialKeyMaker_API.dll is correct before compiling. Some users have found that the reference to the binary is not correct after unzipping the samples.

Serial Key Maker Binaries

Vistual Studio References

Finally, if you are going by the sample code, note that the API namespace has been imported:

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Code - Import

Step 3 - The Code

3.1 - Your Private Key

Your private key needs to travel with you application so that you can validate the Serial Number your user presents.

It is best to encrypt your private key and store the encrypted form of your private key within your application.

The sample does not demonstrate using an encrypted private key, but it is recommended for your application.

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Code - Private Key

3.2 - Create a Reference to the License API.

Create a reference in your code to the API, and pass in your unencrypted private key.

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Initialize the License object

3.3 - Check to see if the key is valid.

Now you application is aware of where to get the private key from, you can use it to validate the stored Serial Key the user has presented.

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Code to Validate Serial Key

3.4 - Disable features in demo mode

You can optionally restrict features if the application is running

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Limit Functionality with Serial Key maker

That's It!

That's all there is to implementing Serial Key Maker